Q: How does VisualTAP work?
A: You can use VisualTAP as a publisher if you want to generate revenue, as an advertiser if your want to promote your products, or both.
Publisher use: As any other ad network, VisualTAP can be used to increase the revenue of developers app. To generate revenue, developer must use Unity3D as app development platform and must integrate the VisualTAP Unity Package. Furthermore, the developer must have an account at VisualTAP dashboard. How to integrate the VisualTAP SDK to generate extra Revenue of your Unity App is described in the Integration Guide.

Advertiser use: With VisualTAP you can easily promote your product to all publishers who have integrated VisualTAP Ad Screens into their Unity3D Apps. As Advertiser you don't even have to integrate any SDK to start ad campaigns for your product. Your advertised product can be an iOS or android (Google Play, Amazon, Samsung Appstore) app, a website, or a tool/service at this stage of VisualTAP. VisualTAP will expand to more markets like Windows Phone or gaming platforms that are supported by Unity3D very soon.

Q: What Campaign types are supported by VisualTAP?
A: VisualTAP supports CPM, CPC and CPI campaigns. For launching a CPM or CPC campaign you don't have to integrate any SDK. For CPI campaigns advertiser must either use the VisualTAP SDK or any compatible third party tracking service. For the moment VisualTAP SDK supports the mobileapptracking service by hasoffers and the Appsflyer SDK. Furthermore VisualTAP supports a custom made conversion pixel tracking solution. If you are an advertiser and you are interested in advertise via this kind CPI campaign, please contact us for more detailed information.

Q: How can VisualTAP Ad Screens be integrated into your unity App?
A: As the developer of the app it is totally up to you where to place the screens into your app! You can use VisualTAP Ad screens as banner solution by placing it somewhere into the GUI of your app. Also interstitial use is possible by placing the screens in (animated) loading scenes where the User has to wait anyways for the progress of loading. Also you can just place the Ad Screens on any gameobject of your Unity3D project such as walls, cars, truck-trailers, posters or TV's. Any empty surface that you think the user will see at some point of your app can be used as monetization space.

Q: What if there are no adverts available? Does my Screen stays empty?
A: What happens in case there are no ads available can be easily managed by the publisher.
If the internet connection is broken, the developer can set either a static fallback texture to the screens or make the screens invisible. If there is an internet connection available but no campaigns, the screen will use these settings, either being invisible or showing the fallback. Furthermore the developer can run a cross promotional campaign that is shown to users, if there are no ads available.

Q: What does Unity 3D Screen logic 'Show Testcampaign' mean?
A: As soon as you have successfully integrated the VisualTAP SDK in your Unity project and tested it on your mobile device, your Unity 3D Screen logic will change from 'Off' to 'Show Test campaign'. Test campaigns are then delivered to devices. If you want to have advertisement campaign you must successfully submit the product for approval and change the option 'Show Advertisement'.

Q: What does Unity 3D Screen logic 'Show CPM only' mean?
A: Selecting 'Show CPM only' will only provide CPM campaigns to this product, if there are any available. Also in CPM-only mode VisualTAP Ad screens are not tapable at all. For the moment we do not recommend to put this setting. You probably will experience a loss in revenue as CPI campaigns are mostly preferred by advertisers.

Q: What is the average eCPM of VisualTAP?
A: As the integration of VisualTAP Ad screens can be very individually the eCPM may very vary from app to app. Best eCPM results can be experienced when placing VisualTAP somewhere into the main menu or as an interstitial as part of loading scenes. The earlier the user sees the Ad screen the more likely he will interact with it and generate you some revenue.

Q: How much is the payment of VisualTAP?
A: For each delivered install you as a publisher will receive a revenue share, starting from $0.25 per install, depending on targeted region and advertisers bid. The average revenue of a delivered install is around $1.00.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Once your Revenue Account reached $200 we will prepare a payment by the end of the month. Payment period is Net 30. The revenue will be taken from your account and you will receive the amount within 30 days.

Q: What types of payment are possible?
A: Payment via Paypal is preferred. For larger amounts exceeding $5000 per month you can also choose payment via wire transfer. Please get in contact with us at payments@neonfive.com if you prefer payment via wire transfer.

Q: How long is the look-back period for install tracking?
A: When using VisualTAP SDK for install tracking the lookback period is 14 days. If an advertiser decides to use a third party service for install tracking, the look-back period may vary. Standard in using third party solutions is 7 to 14 days, meaning you will get paid for the delivered install, even when the initial click on the ad screen was made a week ago!

Q: What is the minimum requirement of using VisualTAP?
A: Unity: The VisualTAP Unity Package is compatible with Versions of Unity 3.4 and above. A bug on Unity 4.2.0 leads to crashes on iOS systems - Please update to next higher version (e.g. Unity 4.2.1, Unity 4.3, ...)!
Android: The minimum supported android version for VisualTAP SDK is 2.3 (version code 9)
iOS: VisualTAP is supported from iOS v4.3 and above.

Q: How secure is VisualTAP?
A: As NEONFIVE UG is based in Germany as a german company and to comply with german and international laws it is our highest priority to make VisualTAP as secure as possible. VisualTAP SDK uses secure connections (SSL) to communicate with serverside backend. Only information that is public reachable (e.g. the device identifier android_id or ios_ifa) may be stored on users device. This information can only be used within the App, VisualTAP is integrated in. All information that is sent to Server backend will be sent in an secure encrypted way (SSL) where the data is encrypted itself as well, using SHA512 as encryption method.

Q: What is being tracked by VisualTAP?
A: VisualTAP uses device identifiers to identify the user of developers app for tracking purposes. This information is the android_id on android devices, MAC address on ios devices using iOS v4.3 or below or the identifier for advertisers (ifa) for iOS v5.0 and above. This information is encrypted before being sent to VisualTAP server backend using SHA512 method. To place geotargeted adverts in developers app, VisualTAP server backend is temporarily using the IP address (IP) of users device. The IP of user is not stored on VisualTAP server backend and is not used for any other purpose than geo targeting.

Q: I want to monetize my app, how do I set up a product?
A: Generating some extra revenue for your app is easy.
Please follow these steps:
1. Register your account at https://dashboard.visualtap.com
2. Once you successfully entered the VisualTAP Dashboard, navigate to the tab 'Products' and press the green button 'Add Product' on the right.
3. Fill in the required information to register your product:
a) Market: iOS iTunes Appstore, GooglePlay Store, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Appstore
b) Bundle-identifier of your app: Examples for these identifiers are given, you will retrieve these identifiers from your respective market platform.
c) Also you need to give your product a name.
You can always change this information at a later point before submitting this product for monetization.
4. Download VisualTAP SDK UnityPackage at https://dashboard.visualtap.com/downloads and import this package into your unity project. We recommend you to make a backup of your product before integrating the SDK.
5. Follow the integration guide given here: https://dashboard.visualtap.com/downloads/html_tutorial/Integration_Guide_VisualTAPSDK_UNITY.htm
6. Submit your product - wait for approval and generate extra revenue!

Q: I want to cross promote my products for free, but how?
A: Free cross promotion is possible!
All you need to have is at least 2 products in the same market (iOS, android) that are successfully registered and submitted on VisualTAP Dashboard.
One app needs to have the VisualTAP SDK including the Ad Screens integrated, this app will receive the App content of the app you want to promote.
For the app that is promoted you have to upload the promotion media. Just go to the details page of the repective product and press the green 'Upload New Picture' Button on the bottom.
The dimension of the uploaded picture must be 780x400 pixels, the size below 100kb and the format jpg.
After upload push the "Request approval" Button of this picture.
As soon as this picture is approved a green "Start Campaign"-Button will appear on your product details page.
Now you can start (cross-promotional) campaigns for this product.
Just push this Button and select 'Cross promotion' as campaign type. You will immediately notice a change on Campaign settings page; two new fields will appear.
One field is the actual campaign logic where you can switch between 'Show first', 'Show always', 'Mix with Ads' or 'Show if no ads'.
'Show first' and 'Show always' is clear. With 'Mix with Ads' option selected this cross promotional campaign will be mixed with paid adverts if available.
With 'Show if no Ads' option selected, your cross promotion campaign will only be shown if there are no paid campaigns available for the Ad Screens.
Furthermore you have to select the product where this campaign has to be shown. By default all available products are selected, you can deselect them by just pressing the name, the background will switch from green(on) to grey(off).
Give this Campaign a name and customize the campaign settings in "Targeting". Once you are finished press 'Save campaign'.
Back in the Campaign details page you can start this campaign by pressing the "Submit Campaign" button. If you didn't change the click-through URL this campaign will start immediately, otherwise we have to approve it first.

Q: I want to advertise my product, how to do so?
A: Advertising your product within VisualTAP is as same easy as to start cross promotion campaigns.
All you have to do is to register your product and successfully submit it.
After approval you need to upload campaign media you want to use for advertising this product.
Just go to product details page and select "Upload New Picture" Button.
The dimension of the uploaded picture must be 780x400 pixels, the size below 100kb and the format jpg.
As soon as this picture is approved a green "Start Campaign"-Button will appear on your product details page.
On Campaign Settings screen you need to name these campaign and to select the Campaign Type. CPM and CPC are always available as there's no SDK integration needed for that.
To run CPI campaigns you need to integrate the VisualTAP SDK into your product (look integration guides here: https://dashboard.visualtap.com/downloads/) or a supported third party tracking service (HasOffers MAT, AppsFlyer, custom). If you are unsure how to set up the campaign, get in contact with us and we will help you out.
To submit and run campaigns you need to have sufficient money on your Balance account.